Soundwalk May 19th - Wandering between Main and Fraser Street

crow's nest

This was a soundwalk that started at Sunset Community Centre and ended at the South Hill Public Library. We had two lovely participants on our walk. One of them has sent us a lovely writeup.

"A few days ago, a friend and I joined Matt and Julie on a "sound walk" that encompassed streets, buildings, and parks between Main and Fraser. The idea was to follow the leader and sensorially observe our surroundings. By sensorial, I mean see, touch, feel, smell, taste, listen—but do NOT speak. We heard the usual cacophony of traffic, as well as bird chatter and foot fall; we saw some yards in use and gardens growing; there were new laneway houses with trash-strewn borders. A ferry circle in the park was a few meters from abandoned belongings with a sign saying the owner would be back (no fixed date or time). From a small office building we saw right into a crow's nest, which was level with the second floor window. We smelled wild roses and tasted wild mint. We saw wrestling and soccer and listened to families playing together. These were just some of the highlights of a speechless afternoon. It was fun and enlightening—and it was really hard not to talk and comment on every little thing. Try it yourself and see what I mean."


listening to trees