Fraser River Walk Photos - June 27th, 2018

On Friday, June 27th, we went on a Soundwalk along the Fraser River. We started our night at Dogwood Brewing and along the way we picked and ate blackberries, listened to the sounds of the industry and river, smelled the scent of fish and flowers, listened to Loretta Lynn, felt plants, and walked into the sunset.

Here are some photos from the evening - taken by the lovely Krystle Coughlin:

Starting with a beer!

we begin...

fresh picked blackberries...right from the bush!

Listening to the river

birds above the water

shredded paper making light sonic traces

alongside the river

descent into...toward the ducks

the sun setting

placards placed all along the river...telling of a time that once was here

our wet traces

the sun leaving

on a path

a shielded space to hear a tug boat pass...low frequencies resonate through us

never to late for a quick swing!

Loretta Lynn...discovered here on this block!

Where are we?



Into the night...

industry alive and sounding through the night