Sunset Nursery Walk with Seniors

With our Wednesday Karaoke group and friends, we went on a slow walk field trip to the Sunset Nursery where all of the plants for the parks in Vancouver are grown. Generally, the public is not allowed to see what goes on inside, but we were able to obtain special permission from Bruce to take one of our favourite groups on a tour. Here are some photos documenting the trip!

An excited group on their way to the nursery!

At the entrance

Bruce starting out tour in the greenhouse!

These poinsettias are tall! 

DJ Carol in the greenhouse!

2000 poinsettias

poinsettia flower up close

a white red mixed poinsettias variety

poinsettias for days!

Our lovely tour guide Bruce and friends

into one of the tropical greenhouses

tropical greenhouse

what a leaf!

in the entrance of the second tropical greenhouse

Colourful Cacti! 

more cacti

fuzzy green buddies

Ivy and  Poinsettias

Dressed for the occasion. 

getting a closer look many poinsettias

Wendy and Ivy!


The Plant Enthusiasm is Palpable 

"This one's dead" - Bruce


Wendy and the Succulents

Planting the cuttings!

A 3/4 group photo!
(Not everyone is present as they needed to karaoke)