Lantern Building Workshop

On December 8th, master lantern builder, Ian McFarlane, taught a lantern making workshop using rattan reeds, canvas, and paint. We learned that rattan, when wet, is a very malleable material, and can be shaped into many kinds of shapes and designs! Below are some photos from the workshop. You can see these lanterns in action for our final wayfinding // wandering event on December 21st, 2018 at 6pm. We will meet in the Sunset Community Centre lobby and hold a short lantern procession through the new park outside the Centre. Treats, of course, will be served. Facebook event link is here.

Our workshop teacher, Ian McFarlane!

shaping some rattan

more rattan shaping

drilling through some bamboo to hold the lantern in place

Oliver, wrestling with his moon lantern.

A lantern visionary coming to life!

It's a goldfish lantern! 

The skinning of the lanterns begins!

Is it it a sailboat?...No!'s a lantern!

A beautiful lotus lantern in the making!


Matt focusing on skinning his lantern

It's a blue moon

Time to begin painting

The bones of a kitty lantern!

The finished colourful, shapely, lantern!

The lotus with skin!