Thank you for wayfinding and wandering with us!

It's hard to believe that our year of wayfinding // wandering has come to an end. As we look back on the 20 events we held -- from pop-ups in the Sunset Community Centre lobby to multi-day workshops and sensory walks -- and the 400 people we interacted with, we feel honoured to have been welcomed by the Sunset community and trusted by the Park Board and Community Association to practice new ways of making.

All of our activities were united in their investigation of the world around us and their desire to spark curiosity in active participants. We were privileged to work with some of the youngest and oldest members of the community. As planned, the vast majority of our events were deliberately de-skilled, requiring nothing more than tuning in to existing sensorial or observational capacities and opening oneself up to the possibility to be surprised by what is already present. After a year of exploration, it is clear that there is still much to learn and much to be discovered in the neighbourhood. We hope our future wandering will cross paths with those we met in 2018.

Until soon!
Julie + Matt